Your check is on its way! Due to delayed funding from the state, the 2nd round of checks is currently being issued..
If you do not receive your check by the end of March, please call the Clay Chamber of Commerce at (904) 264 – 2651. We apologize if the impacts your business in any way.

Small Business owners are being gravely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is directly affecting their employees. Small businesses in Clay County are already closing and unless we advocate and support these businesses they will shutter.

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce is launching the Support Clay initiative, a local program that will provide resources and webinars, research, and advocacy that focus on Clay County businesses.

Join us in supporting small businesses, their workers, and the families and communities that depend on them.

The Clay Chamber is seeking to help 1,000 small businesses in Clay County with publicizing to residents that they are open and taking steps to protect the public in order to do business, as well as honoring certified businesses with a $250 grant. Our Commit2Clay program will help distinguish businesses that have met certain safety and sanitation standards, featuring them on our website, social media, newspaper, and in various other medias. Sign up today to get certified and receive your Commit2Clay Seal and a $250 grant.

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